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pluida zack     gossip zack
Her aunt was such a pluida zack that by evening we had thirteen grandchildren.
Schuckel schuckel Scheia
Oostre ate wie Eia
Pinjkste ate wie wittet Broot
Stoaw' wie nijch
Dann woa wie groot.   Speak
Schuckel schuckel scissor legs
At Easter we eat eggs
At Pentecost we eat white bread
Die we not
We won't be dead.
schludenz      a ragged slob
She went out with that schludenz from Altbergthal.
Iesaak, Shpriesack
Schleit siene Brut
Em Kjalla doot.      Recite

Isaac, Shucksack
Stumble foot
Beats his bride
In the cellar dead.

verenichi          Flat German perogies
Verenchi with rhubarb sauce are a delicacy.
Listen to Armin Wiebe read excerpts from The Salvation of Yasch Siemens recorded live at Tim Brandt's Heaven Art and Book Cafe on Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg in 1999.

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