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Gutenthal Speaks
 The Salvation of Yasch Siemens
Purists spell it with a 'J' but then
you would be joshing my hero.
 muttachi       little mother
Muttachi was milking the schemmel cow.
 The Second Coming of Yeeat Shpanst
aka George Spenst aka Spider George
 Murder in Gutenthal:A Schneppa Kjnals Mystery
aka Corny Pee-Eye aka Corny the Snoop
 rosmack     order or discipline
The teacher had to hold rosmack in school.
bulchi      a loaf(of bread)
"Bulchi Wiebe devours freshly baked bread.
Chinga freow met sukka bestreit
Children's questions with sugar sprinkled
 shtramel         long thin strip
She was a shtramel of skin and bone.
 drankahma       a slop pail
"Muttachi threw the drankahma at me."
dummheit       stupidity
"Smoking is just dummheit for sure."
yanzeed   on the other side (of the Red River)
We used to live by Yanzeed.
 febeizel       to lose something carelessly
"He looked like he had febeizeled his brain."
 Futtachi           little Father
"I never saw Futtachi wash the dishes!"
 holem de gruel      fetch the fear
Holem de gruel, that music is loud!
 heista kopp        Heels over head.
"I just went heista kopp in love."
 knackzoat     crack seeds or sunflower seeds
Flat Germans eat knackzoat on Sundays after dinner.
kjrayel        to tease
The ball players kjrayeled him about his fat Oata.
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