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TATSEA -a novel of love and adventure set in Canada's subarctic in the 1760s

"... yes, I did read the book. It's very good to read over the camp fire or campout. Find that the book also brings back the years when our grandparents lived their lives. It brings back the old days."

-Mike Nitsiza, counsellor, Mezi Community School, Wha Ti, Northwest Territories

"Tatsea is a compelling story. I read it on transit to and from work and as I got into the story, I found it so powerful and unrelenting, I wished my day away to get back on the bus and continue the story! I gave the manuscript to my 12 year old daughter who finished it in 2 days with great enthusiasm and excitement. What else can I say. It is a good, exciting read!"

-Jim Martin, former Director of Education, Dogrib Divisional Board of Education

"This is a dramatic novel with powerful spiritual undertones and strong, well-drawn characters. It is rich in aboriginal history and culture, a result of extensive research and an obvious admiration for the subject matter ...Armin switches from the comic voice of his earlier novels to the stirring voice of Tatsea as deftly as a skilled character actor slips from one role into the next."

-Deborah Froese, author of Into the Fire, writing in Wordwrap

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