Armin Wiebe Curriculum Vitae

Writing Highlights

Five published novels, three produced stage plays, and a collection of short fiction.

Awards, Prizes & Nominations

• 2013 Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre/Rhubarb Magazine One Act Play Contest, 1st Prize for Wine and Little Breads
• 2004 Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction for Tatsea
• 2004 McNally-Robinson Book of the Year Award for Tatsea
• 2002 Prairie Fire Short Fiction Contest, for 'The Little Kollouch'
• 1978 Dallas Taylor Prize for Creative Writing, University of Manitoba

• 2018 Shortlisted, Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction for Grandmother, Laughing
• 2009 Shortlisted, On the Same Page, for The Salvation of Yasch Siemens
• 2003 Shortlisted, Western Magazine Awards for 'The Little Kollouch'
• 1995 Shortlisted, McNally-Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year for The Second Coming of Yeeat Shpanst
• 1991 Shortlisted, McNally-Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year for Murder in Gutenthal
• 1990 Shortlisted, Western Magazine Awards for 'Mouse Lake'
• 1989 Shortlisted, Journey Prize Anthology, for 'Mouse Lake'
• 1985 Shortlisted, Books in Canada First Novel Award for The Salvation of Yasch Siemens
• 1985 Shortlisted, Stephen Leacock Award for Humour for The Salvation of Yasch Siemens

Writer-in-Residence / Mentoring experience

• 2008 Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture at The University of Manitoba

• 1994-95 Manitoba's first rural Writer-in-Residence at the Parkland Regional Library in Dauphin. During this residency I was consulted by numerous writers in a variety of genres and I helped establish writers' groups in Dauphin and Roblin which were still in operation some five years later. I conducted introductory creative writing workshops in Dauphin, Roblin, McCreary, Hamiota and Birtle.

• 1992-93 Canada Council Writer-in-Residence for the Saskatoon Public Library (during 9 months I was consulted by over a hundred writers and conducted a workshop for teenage writers).

• 1990-94 Mentor for Manitoba Writers' Guild Mentor Program

• 1990-98 Artists-in-the Schools - Week-long residencies in a variety of schools at all levels, ranging from urban high schools to Hutterite colonies, First Nations schools to rural and northern schools.

•. 1989-90 Arts Enrichment Program at Strathcona School in Winnipeg. - a specially funded project for inner city schools with a large aboriginal student population.


• 1996-08 Creative Writing instructor, Creative Communications Program, Red River College
• 1997-98 Creative Writing instructor, The Writers' Series, University of Winnipeg Continuing Education.
• 1983-89 Mezi Community School, Lac La Martre, NWT (Grades 4-8)
• 1981-82 Granville Lake School, Granville Lake, MB (Grades 4-8)
• 1976-81 Poplar Point and Iberville Hutterite Colonies, MB (Grades K-9)
• 1974-75 Stonewall Collegiate, Stonewall, MB (Senior English)
• 1971-74 Ashern Central School, Ashern, MB (Senior English, Drama)
• 1970-71 Alf Cuthbert School, Moosehorn, MB (Senior English)

Selected Writing Workshops Experience

• Septenber 2015 Getting Started Workshop during Thin Air at Brandon University

• October 2011 Getting Started workshop at Words on the Water, Kenora

• February 2009 The Landscapes in Your Voice: Riffing off Purdy with Kate Bitney at Aqua Books

• November 2007 Words Alive Festival in Brandon

• November 2006 3-day workshop with teachers and elders creating supporting materials for my novel Tatsea in Yellowknife and Bechoko, NWT

• August 2006 Getting Started workshop at WordsNorth in Yellowknife

• January 1994 Writing workshop with Dogrib teachers-in-training in Bechoko, NWT

• March 1992 Spring Break Writing Workshop for teenagers at Winnipeg Public Library

Writers' Festival Appearances

September 2017. Thin Air Winnipeg International Writers' Festival
September 2015 Thin Air Winnipeg International Writers' Festival
March 2013 Worscht 'n Ruboaba Festival, Brandon University
June 2013 WordsNorth Writers' Festival Yellowknife
October 2011 Words on the Water Festival Kenora
September 2006 Thin Air Winnipeg International Writers' Festival
August 2006 WordsNorth Writers' Festival Yellowknife
September 2003 Thin Air Winnipeg International Writers' Festival
August 2001 Saskatchewan Festival of Words Moose Jaw
November 1995 Words on Stage Winnipeg
November 1993 Words on Stage Winnipeg
August 1990 Milton Acorn Festival Charlottetown
November 1989 Words on Stage Winnipeg


Armin's readings have been enjoyed by audiences in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, North Dakota, Indiana, Germany, and Austria. He has shared stages with Carol Shields, W.O. Mitchell, Leon Rooke, Thomas King, Rudy Wiebe, Patrick Friesen, Lorna Crozier, Di Brandt, David Bergen, Sandra Birdsell, Richard Van Camp.

Broadcast Interviews
CBC Radio by Peter Gzowsky, Vicki Gabereau, Robert Enright, Jacquie Good, Ron Robinson, Keran Sanders, and Shelagh Rogers.
CJOB by Geoff Currier
CITY-TV Big Breakfast by Jenna Khan
MTN-TV by Jennifer Rattray
Community radio in Saskatoon, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto

Education & Training

•. 2009-11 Worked with Kim McCaw in developing stage play through to professional production
•. 2008-09 Worked under the guidance of playwright Bruce McManus in developing a stage play
• 1998 University of Winnipeg Writers' Series Screenwriting with Nancy Trites Bodkin
• 1996 Prairie Theatre Exchange Playwrighting with Kim McCaw and Brian Drader
•. 1994 University of Winnipeg Writers' Series Writing for Children and Young Adults with Margaret Buffie
•. 1979 B.Ed. (English), University of Manitoba (includes creative writing courses with Ed Kleiman and Robert Kroetsch)
•. 1974 Introduction to Theatre with Reg Skene at University of Winnipeg
•. 1970 Certificate in Education, University of Manitoba
• 1969 B.A. (English, History) University of Winnipeg
•. 1966 Summer Theatre School with Reg Skene and Kay Unruh at United College

Professional Memberships

• 1992-present The Writers' Union of Canada (2005-09 Regional Representative for Manitoba and Saskatchewan)
•. 1981-present The Manitoba Writers' Guild (Board member 1982-83, 1998-99, 2013-2016)
•. 2006-present Manitoba Association of Playwrights
•. 2012-present Playwrights Guild of Canada


• 1999 - 2012 Mennonite Literary Society Board, publishers of Rhubarb
• 1998 - 2001 Turnstone Press Editorial Board
•. 1993 - 2000 Zygote Magazine Board
• 1989 - 1994 Prairie Fire Press, Inc. Board

Book Editing

• 2006 Edited On a good day: anthology of student writing from Gemini Writers' Retreat
• 2007 Edited Feels like red: anthology of student writing from Gemini Writers' Retreat
• 1999 Substantive edit for Heather Burles's travel book Smouldering Incense, Hammered Brass: A Syrian Interlude for Turnstone Press.
• 1984 Editor for the Lac La Martre Reader Project, in which staff at Mezi School created readers based on the oral tradition of this Dogrib community.

Jury Experience

Manitoba Book Awards
Saskatchewan Book Awards
CBC Literary Awards
Manitoba Arts Council Artist Grants
Winnipeg Arts Council Artist Grants



The Salvation of Yasch Siemens (Turnstone Selects Edition), May 2019 (Turnstone Press)
Grandmother, Laughing, September 2017 (Turnstone Press)
Armin's Shorts:Little Fictions, September 2015 (Turnstone Press)
The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz, 2011 (Scirocco Drama)
Tatsea, 2003 (Turnstone Press)
The Second Coming of Yeeat Shpanst, 1995 (Turnstone Press)
Murder in Gutenthal: A Schneppa Kjnals Mystery, 1991 (Turnstone Press)
The Salvation of Yasch Siemens, 1984 (Turnstone Press)

Produced Plays:

Wine and Little Breads, premiere by Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre, 2014
The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz, premiere by Theatre Projects Manitoba, 2011.
Pitch to Me, Yasch Siemens, produced by Manitoba Association of Playwrights as part of Short Shots 1995.

Short fiction in anthologies:

'Moonlight Rehearsal', a/crosssections: New Manitoba Writing, 2007 (Manitoba Writers' Guild)
'Winnipeg in the Cellar', The Imagined City: A Literary History of Winnipeg, 2005(Turnstone )
'Boss in the House', Great Stories From The Prairies, 2000 (Red Deer)
'Scheckbengel Romance', What Mennonites are Thinking, 1999 (Good Books)
'Oata, Oata', Making a Difference, 1996 (Oxford)
'And Besides God Made Poison Ivy', Due West: 30 Great Stories from Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, 1996 (Turnstone, Coteau, NeWest)
'I Have a Vision', Let the Earth Take Note, 1994 (Milton Acorn Festival)
'Mouse Lake', Hearts Wild, 1993 (Turnstone)
'Heista Kopp in Love', 200% Cracked Wheat, 1992 (Coteau)
'Boss in the House', Made in Manitoba, 1990 (Turnstone)
'Mouse Lake', The Journey Prize Anthology, 1989 (McClelland & Stewart)
'Oata, Oata', Liars and Rascals, 1989 (U. of Waterloo Press)
'Practising', Liars and Rascals, 1989 (U. of Waterloo Press)
'These Troubled Times', Section Lines: A Manitoba Anthology, 1988 (Turnstone)
'Schneppa Kjnals', Good Humour Man. 1987 (Queenston)
'Kicking Against the Pricks', Manitoba Stories, 1981 (Queenston)

Short fiction in periodicals:

'Insight', Prairie Fire, Spring 2018
Excerpt from The Salvation of Yasch Siemens, Rhubarb, Fall 2017
'Olfert Feeds the Ducks', Rhubarb, Spring 2009
'The Call of the Fedora', Prairie Fire, Spring 2009
'The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz', Prairie Fire, Spring 2005
'When the Piano Came', Rhubarb, Spring 2003
'The Little Kollouch', Prairie Fire, Spring 2002
'Suaruh Suschkje Learns to Laugh', Preservings (Hanover Steinbach Historical Society), December 1999
'A Woman Who Married Yamozha', Journal of Mennonite Studies, Volume 17, 1999
'February 3', Prairie Fire, Summer 1997
'Thank You for That, Mr. Runnels', Prairie Fire, Winter 1996
'Jars', Zygote, Fall 1993
'The Mosquito Harvest', the magazine Community Arts, Summer 1992
'Good Citizen Yasch', Prairie Fire, Fall 1991
'Would My Son, Doft, Buy Some', Mennonite Mirror, May 1991
'A Schneppa Kjnals Delirium', Prairie Fire, July 1990
'The Well Woman', The New Quarterly, May 1990
'Mouse Lake', Prairie Fire, Fall 1988
'Sunday Night Christian Endeavor', Prairie Fire, Spring, 1984
'Audee Nobah Naze', NeWest Review, November, 1983
'Oata, Oata', The Fiddlehead, October, 1983
'The Rightmaker', Canadian Ethnic Studies, 1982
'Twa Corbies', Writers' News Manitoba, December, 1981
'The Rightmaker', Writers' News Manitoba, July, 1981
'Cities of Refuge', Mennonite Mirror, April, 1981
'Flypaper', Grain, Fall, 1977
'The Courage to Cry, Canadian Short Story Magazine, Fall, 1976
'Molecular Theory', Alive, March, 1973

Broadcasts & Recordings

Winnipeg Writers: Armin Wiebe video documentary by Jeremy Williamson(2011) for MTS-TV Winnipeg on Demand

The Salvation of Yasch Siemens read by the author before a live audience at Heaven Art & Book Café on Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg over two evenings and an afternoon in February, 1999. Recorded by Clive Holden of Cyclops Press. Selected tracks available at
'Boss in the House', CBC Radio: Between the Covers, Fall 2001


'A Writer Meets His Readers', Rhubarb, Summer 2007
'Encounter', The Beaver, October/November 2004
'Three Winnipeg Novels from the Trudeau Era', Prairie Fire, Summer 1999

Children's Stories:

Stories of Yamozha Levels 1, 2 & 3, LLM Reader Project, 1984
Ekwo and Diga, LLM Reader Project, 1984
Diga and the Baby Caribou, LLM Reader Project, 1984
Baby Caribou in Winter, LLM Reader Project, 1984
Too Big for Mother, LLM Reader Project, 1984
A Broken Stick, LLM Reader Project, 1984
The Velvet Caribou Antlers, LLM Reader Project, 1984
When I Still Remember: Poetry from the Elders of Lac La Martre, (Editor) LLM Reader Project, 1984
Sliding Down the Community Hall, LLM Reader Project, 1984
Go Away Dog, LLM Reader Project, 1984
Big Wheels in the Snow, LLM Reader Project, 1984
What Will I Buy at the Co-op Today?, LLM Reader Project, 1984
The Old Man and the Cree, LLM Reader Project, 1984
Granny's Pet, LLM Reader Project, 1984
Rita's Gray Hair, LLM Reader Project, 1984
The Lac La Martre Fish Plant, LLM Reader Project, 1984
A Caribou Hunt With No Bullets, LLM Reader Project, 1984

Online Publications

My Experience with the Early Sparks of Prairie Fire,
How Raven Lost His Beak, HowRaven Lost HisBeak.htm
The Creation of the Barrenlands & the Couple inside the Mountain, CoupleInsidetheMountain.htm

Stories Translated into the Tlicho (Dogrib) Language

Dàani Hozii Holi eyits'o Dàani Weyits'atla Wegodii Holi (The creation of the barren lands and the couple inside the mountain), Armin Wiebe, Vital Thomas, Angus Beaulieu, Dogrib Divisional Board of Education, 1996
Yamoozha Wegogi: Enithle Nake, Armin Wiebe, Mary Siemens, Francis Zoe, Dogrib Divisional Board of Education, 2000
Daani Tatso Weehda Dilodeewo (How Raven Lost His Beak), Armin Wiebe, Mary Siemens, David Chocolate, Francis Zoe, Dogrib Divisional Board of Education, 1997

About Armin Wiebe

'Wiebe, Armin', The Encyclopedia of Manitoba, Great Plains Publications, 2007
'Armin Wiebe' Wikipedia,

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Doctoral Dissertations and Masters Theses discussing Wiebe's work

Surplus at the Border: Mennonite Minor Literature in English in Canada (Rudy Wiebe, Armin Wiebe, Patrick Friesen, Di Brandt, Sandra Birdsell), Reimer, Leigh Douglas, 1996 University of Manitoba, (Turnstone Press, 2002)
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